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Custom Logo Sign Kit

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Kit Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

  • These kits are meant for people who are comfortable assembling projects and building things. Some parts may be small and difficult to assemble.

Our custom logo sign kit is a great way to put your personal touch on a custom sign for your logo and represent your business. This kit comes with the essential items for creating your sign and leaves the sandpaper and paint colors up to your personal preference. This gives you the freedom to create an amazing sign without having to cut intricate and detailed parts.


  • Material: 1/4" MDF for each layer
  • Size: 3 size options
    • Small (12"x24") - Actual size ~11.5"x23.5"
    • Medium (18"x24") - Actual size ~17.5"x23.5"
    • Large (24"x36") - Actual size ~23.5"x35.5"
The size of your sign depends on the design of your logo. Our method for sizing is to scale your design proportionally until it meets the size you selected in either height or width, whichever comes first. Example: If your design is circular and you selected Large (24"x36"), the final size will be ~23.5" diameter. The medium size option is best for circular or square logos as you will meet the ~17.5" height before you meet the width.
  • Process
    • Once you purchase this item we will get to work on the design and send you a design proof to make sure the final look will be what you are expecting. Once you approve the design, we will create and ship your kit. 


    1 - Background layer of sign kit
    1 - Logo Layer of sign kit
    1 - Glue up practice kit
    1 - 2oz bottle of Starbond CA glue
    1 - 2oz bottle of Starbond spray accelerator
    1 - Instruction Manual
    • Sandpaper 400 grit or higher
    • Paint colors of your choice



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