Is This Possible Impossible?

Is This Possible Impossible?

When I was a kid, I loved putting together puzzles. I decided to try and make a puzzle that is difficult, and by difficult, I may mean impossible. After many hours of trying to assemble this puzzle, I am still not done!

A friend of mine had made a puzzle out of clear acrylic that had no design and was just clear pieces that needed to be assembled together. At first I thought it may be a difficult puzzle and then I had an idea. I started by designing a puzzle with a design on one side of clear acrylic. After looking at the design, I thought it would be too easy to assemble. 

I wanted to make a puzzle that was difficult and possibly even impossible. Therefore, I decided to engrave the same design on the opposite side and rotate it 90 degrees to make it more difficult. 

This design has been the most difficult puzzle that I have ever tried to assemble and I challenge you to try and complete it!




  • Laser specs: 60 watt Epilog Fusion M2 40
  • Vector Engraving: 60% speed, 40% power
  • Vector Cutting: 10% speed, 100% power, 2500 frequency (100%)
  • Engraving time: 7.5 minutes per side

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