How to Make a Custom Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Inspired Clock

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This week my kids asked me to make them a clock with a Harry Potter theme for their room. Our whole family loves Harry Potter and this was the perfect time to make my own custom design.

In our house, we have two Gryffindors and two Ravenclaws so naturally, I had to make one for each house. I only had one clock mechanism for this project and my kids chose which design it went into.

Materials Needed:

Process for Making Your Own Clock

  1. Download Design File and prepare it for your laser
  2. Laser cut the background layer (black acrylic) and etch the placement of the number and design
  3. Laser cut the design and numbers out of your choice of color
  4. Assemble using either acrylic adhesive or acrylic sign tape. The sign tape results in a better finish.
  5. Enjoy your new Harry Potter themed clock!


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