Custom Art Mirrors | Collaboration with Pretty Done

Custom Art Mirrors | Collaboration with Pretty Done

A local artist in Las Vegas named Adam reached out to me to see if I could cut mirror acrylic material to create custom pieces of art. Working with mirror acrylic has a lot of challenges, but I was interested in the idea and decided to see what I could do.

MATERIALS USED (May contain affiliate links)


Epilog Fusion M2

STEP 1: The Design

Adam over at @prettydone on Instagram drew the design for this project using his iPad. Once I had the design, I had to make a few modifications to get it ready for laser cutting.

STEP 2: Applying the Sign Tape

One of the first things that needs to be done before cutting the material is applying the adhesive. For these mirror acrylic designs, I used adhesive sign tape as it was the best option for a clean finish. Using acrylic liquid adhesives led to a poor finish showing through the mirror acrylic.

STEP 3: Laser-cutting the Acrylic

After the adhesive is applied to the backer, I laser cut the white acrylic backer. For the mirror acrylic, I cut the material upside down and reversed to reduce any kind of reflection of the laser beam. 

STEP 4: Assembling the Mirror

To assemble the mirror, first I have to remove the paper cover on the backer's adhesive.

After that, I take each piece of mirror acrylic and assemble them to the backer. During this process, I have to make sure that everything lines up properly for the cutouts in the backer to match the cutouts in the mirror acrylic.

STEP 5: Unmasking the Mirror Acrylic

The mirror acrylic comes with a protective film on the surface. Once everything is assembled, I simply peel off this layer to reveal the shiny finish.

STEP 6: Finished Product

After everything is unmasked, enjoy your new art mirror!


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