Building My New Editing PC

Building My New Editing PC

For the last 5-6 years, I have been using a laptop to do all of my design. In 2019, I started doing more video editing in Premiere Pro CC. The laptop wasn't build for video editing and often struggled to load files, edit clips, and export the end video.

Looking into 2020, I knew that i wanted to create more YouTube videos as well as more 3D designs. With this in mind, I started looking into buying a new PC with better specs. This led me to look at buying vs building a PC. I looked at Digital Storm PC, buying from a store, and comparing those models to what I could build. After a lot of research and consulting computer builders, I decided to build my own custom editing PC.

 I started by using the custom PC builder tool at CG Director's website as a baseline for figuring out what components I would need.

Here are the types of components that you will need and the specific parts that I chose:




Graphics Card

Power Supply

Storage Drives


Keyboard & Mouse


Windows OS

    Case (NZXT H510, I paid $69.99):

    Motherboard (ASUS X570 Plus Wifi, I paid: $179.99):

    Processor (AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, I paid: $499.99):
    Graphics Card (Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super, I paid: $499.99):
    Power Supply (Seasonic 750W Platinum, I paid: $119.99):
    2x NVMe M.2 Drives (Intell 660p, I paid $82.99 per drive):
    32GB RAM (G.Skillz Ripjaws F4-3600C16D-32GVKC, I paid $134.99):
    Keyboard & Mouse (Reddragon S101, I paid: $33.81):
    Monitor (Viewsonic VP2468, I paid $229.99):
    Windows 10 OS (I paid, $7.80): See linked video below

      Computer cost without monitor (after tax): $1,853.22

      Computer cost with monitor (after tax): $2,102.18


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