EPIC Harry Potter Inspired Puzzle Art Box

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Kit Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

  • These kits are meant for people who are comfortable assembling projects and building things. Some parts may be small and difficult to assemble.

Our donut dragon clock kit is a great way to put your personal touch on our design. This kit comes with the essential items for creating your sign and leaves the sandpaper and paint colors up to your personal preference. This gives you the freedom to create an amazing sign without having to cut intricate and detailed parts.

NOTE: These kits are for personal use and are NOT for resale as a kit or assembled form.


  • Material: 1/4" MDF for each layer
  • Size: 12" wide x 13" long x 4.75" tall
  • Options: 
    • Fresh off the laser - parts are not sanded and may have residue marks
    • Sanded - all visible parts are sanded to 220


    1 - Kit of parts
    1 - Set of assembly instructions
    1 - Maker Experiment sticker
    • Sandpaper 220
    • Wood Glue
    • CA Glue if desired


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