Custom Woodworking Rulers

Custom Woodworking Rulers

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This set of five nested rulers is a great way to get the rulers you need while saving space. These rulers are great for woodworkers, artists, and others!

The 1/8" thick version is great for those who need a ruler with some flexibility, while the 1/4" thick version is great for those who like a more rigid ruler.


Each square is made out of your choice of 1/8" or 1/4" thickness. 

  • Measurements: inches and cm
  • Choose ruler color
  • Text/Logo can be customized if desired (fee applies)


  • One set of 5 rulers
    • 3" ruler (7cm)
    • 6" ruler (15cm)
    • 12" ruler (30cm)
    • 18" ruler (45cm)
    • 24" ruler (60cm)
  • Optional wall mounted ruler holder